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Βασική-εκπαίδευσηBasic Dog Training

With the term Basic Dog Training we mean the process during which your dog will acquire all the necessary knowledge to communicate with you, as well as, the necessary rules that will lead to a smooth cohabitation. At he same time, during the basic training program, you’ll learn to understand the springboard of the dog’s behaviors and how to solve problems that might occur in he future. So, referring to the communication part, your dog will be taught the meaning of words and phrases such as:

  • Sit (first waiting position).

  • Down (second waiting position).

  • Stay (stay there until I come back or call you).

  • Don’t (stop what you’re doing)

  • Place (that means the dog has to stay at the place we have created for it in the house; this usually is the place the dog sleeps).

Regarding the rules the dog has to know, it is going to be taught:

  • The right behavior during the walk. (to walk along with you, without creating any problems to us and to those that we might find in your way).

  • Not to soil in the house.

  • To welcome our guests in a calm way, without jumping on them or making any other kind of fuss during their stay.

  • Not to bark without a reason, during our absence, when there is no one to prevent it.

  • Not to make any damages.

  • To know the limits of playing with us and never to exceed them.

Signs that warn you for the opposite are usually small bites that get more serious with time, or the possessiveness of its toys, as the ball, that usually appears in its primitive states as a growl at our attempts of taking it.

At the same time you’re going to be taught the logic of the triptych body, emotion, thinking and of how you’re going to use it, so that you can pinpoint the reasons that lead to a problem, and of course of how to solve it.

The basic training program is going to take place at your home and can start as soon as your puppy gets there. If the program begins before the completion of the necessary vaccination – usually a 2,5 to 3,5 month period – it is formed to emphasize on your cohabitation in the house. Up until the young student can safely go out of the house, you can take advantage of that period and you can acquire knowledge on the training triptych and it’s functioning. In that case, lessons are not so frequent and we can enter smoothly in every training request.

In the case your dog has already completed its vaccination – usually after its fourth month-then the program gets straight ahead in all basic training requests with more frequent lessons.

The basic training program is completed, as soon as, you think that all its aims have been accomplished.

Also, even from the first lesson, you’ll realize that the target and the axis of the program are to equip you and your dog with the necessary knowledge as soon as possible, as long as this knowledge is based on solid ground of course.

The number of lessons needed on a weekly basis, depends on your needs and potential. Also, at the beginning of the program lessons are more frequent and they become rarer during the process, since you are transformed to the one and only trainer of your dog. The duration of each lesson is not fixed, but it depends on its importance and the accomplishment of the desired result.


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