Dog n Humans – Conditioned Reflexes

humans conditioned reflexesToday, more than ever, human beings stand before the complicated world that they created, with awe. We have been careless, as a species, not with nature, as someone can easily guess at first, but with ourselves.
Maybe we rushed to use the gift that the universe gave us to be able to think creatively, which “distinguishes” us from any other species on this planet.
Thinking is powerful. It can create, as well as, destroy the world.

The worlds of thinking, though, are always created under one restriction. The restriction that is imposed by the elements they are created of.
We invented thousands of philosophies, political movements, financial patterns, religions, but nothing leaded us to the bliss and security we thought we could obtain using our intelligence.
Humans, today, don’t even know what they are supposed to eat. Vegetarians, vegans, meat eaters.

A quick search in the net, shows the confusion of contemporary human.
Human, a creature that always searches for answers, but realizes their inadequacy… the inadequacy of thinking. For each of the researches that you are going to find, you’ll find a contradictory one. In all aspects of our lives, you’ll find polarization, conflict, subjectivity, right and wrong. But if something is truly wrong, why can’t we all agree in that? Is there something that all humans agree?
Even in the name of Dog, we created a battle field, where both sides vindicate for the imposition of their infallible world. Training methods, nutritional extremities and recently behavioral science. This very moment that you are reading this text, the dog goes deeper into the world of psychotropic drugs. The first “experts”, with colossal academic degrees, solve behavioral issues, using the art of chemistry. Pheromones, neurotransmitter control and other methods lead a species to the same evolutionary stage as that of the human beings.

The Truth
The only being that was bonded to human is the one that begins to display the same behavior. There’s not as single free animal, on the planet that displays neuroses, depression, unprovoked aggression. Only humans do that and gradually the dogs.

Beyond, every attempt to be romantic, the truth is this. Is this what we want from the dog? To be an accomplice to our choices? But let’s leave the dog for a while.
We stuffed our houses with other animals and plants, for what purpose? To have a more bearable life? To find nuggets of joy and magic in a world based on time, conflict, and fake needs stemming from the failed model of our own education.

How are we trained, which is the method?
The theory of conditioned reflexes, was revolutionary in the world of animal training.
Pavlov conducted an experiment, he rang a bell and then he fed the dog. After a while the dog was conditioned to that sequence and every time he heard the bell displayed the same behavior as if he was fed. He was content, waiting for his food to come. After sometime, the dog wouldn’t remember this sequence (bell-food), but every time he would hear the bell, he would be filled with joy and the pleasant expectation of food. (Excuse me for the speed of the experiment description and the deliberate alternation of it, but this is not the point. Whoever is interested can find all the relative information in the net.). This is a link, you can find an adequate description of Pavlov’s experiment.

The Contradiction
I’m not the exception, I’m the same as everybody else. I’m chased by time, I wonder about right and wrong, I have internal and external conflicts, living in a world full of conflicts. The same people protesting against animal abuse, consent to the absolute kind of violence, by consuming meat coming from “concentration camps”, where animals are tortured and finally killed. The answer is not to become vegetarians, this would lead us to the same path. We would become vegetarians until someone would come with a research proving the wrongness of our choice.
If we see someone in the street abusing an animal, we would be filled with rage. Seeing, though, the corps of an animal hanging in at the butcher, seems completely natural. What exactly is going on in our minds? This is how a computer would work, in which someone has fed the data of the rights and the wrongs. Can humans be programmed?

The Wolves
I was intrigued by another experiment also. They gave meat, saturated with chemicals, to a wolf pack. The chemicals induced vomiting to the wolves. The animals were feeling sick for hours. The next day, they offered the wolves meat of the same kind as the previous day, but without the chemicals. None of the wolves approached the food, even though they were hungry.
Finally, spare some of your time to see the “Five monkey experiment”. It’ll be worth it.

five monkeys experimentFive monkey experiment


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