The Dog in me!

Why does human need a dog?

Company, safety, love are some of the most common answers. For years, I was listening to the answers of hundreds of people, and another question arose. Why does the omnipotent human, has the need of a dog to feel safe and what kind of loneliness is the one covered by his coexistence with the dog?

Even today, that we go though a severe economic crisis, more and more people make the costly choice of adopting a dog.
You will need to read the article “Dog and Human”, in order to follow the text below.


Human thinking, as we have mentioned before, has two “characters”.
The first thinks linearly-mathematically- and is based on demarking and identifying. This character has a fragmented perception of reality, he is good in analyzing, has great perception of time and knows how to write and communicate through words.

The second character thinks laterally (through images) and is based on the idea of interaction, is doing well with art and is incredibly creative. He is not interested in time and his action is limited to “here and now”. This character perceives reality through the notion that everything is related to each other and communicates through imagination.

Science has managed to explain these two modes of thinking. Let’s consult wikipedia again:
“Cerebral hemispheres are the two parts, that the human –and other mammals’- brain is divided, morphologically, as well as functionally. Each hemisphere acts contra laterally, meaning that the right hemisphere receives stimuli and controls the left side of our body, while the left hemisphere controls our right side.

Left hemisphere.
It controls the right half of our body in terms of senses and mental processes. It’s responsible of time perception, speaking, writing, perception of speech, symbolism, verbal memory and analytical thinking. It’s also responsible, for verbal communication (literal word meaning), processing of auditory stimuli and abstract information, induction of controlled behavior and secondary interpretation of behavior.

Right hemisphere.
It controls the left half of our body, in terms of senses and mobility. It is responsible for the visual perception of space, the understanding of metaphorical meanings and humor, the ability to correlate and collate, the emotional charging, the visual memory and the communication through non-verbal cues (eg. Body language, tone of voice).
It’s also responsible for the attention, the discrimination of complex auditory tones, the induction of impulsive behavior, the emotions, the creativity, the imagination and the artistic expression” See more in wikipedia.

You’ll find thousands of articles in the net about hemispheres’ functioning. No matter what science claims, the opinion of someone who has experienced something counts more. In our case if that someone is a neuroanatomist, the luck is on our side. Please watch the following video, in which Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor explains what happened, when due to a stroke, she lost the functioning of the neural circuits on the left hemisphere of her brain.

Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor part 1
Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor part 2

I hope you were patient enough to watch Dr. Taylor’s adventure before you continue reading. I also hope that it became clear, which is element that contemporary human has lost, which is the fact that generates loneliness and insecurity and why our quest is directed toward the point where the real world is still alive. We are lucky enough to live at this point of time, where the two angles – characters can meet and agree to a truce, as long as we understand (realize) the boundaries that human has to set, in order for the element that holds the essence of his existence, to survive.

At this point, two more categories are going to be added in the structure of

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