The Dog’s Mind Training

Beyond every science or fiction writing that was written, to explain or honour, the relationship between a dog and a human being, what’s important is simple and it is found in the first instances of their silence. Thousands of years ago, we made a step towards evolution that even nature was not ready for. The evolved ones must have been different from the other representatives of their species.

That must have definitely been a moment that the fear within them lost its power and in the place of it, another feeling has been placed. That step was an opposing step to fear. There was no common sense of survival. That step sealed a deal between them. ‘’We’ll be together as friends or allies. The evolution and development path will not scare us away. In the future, while we miss our way, we’ll return to that first step and the fear will lose its power once more.»

Nowadays, the human kind has most probably lost this way and therefore has most likely made itself distant from this world that gave birth to life, a friendship more needed than ever. Maybe, the dog stayed with us to show us the return to simplicity, and to clear away the confusing and full of conflictions human thought. To remind us, that we are part of this world and not the whole world itself. To cause us to remember that our knowledge will always be inadequate.

Maybe, it’s time instead for looking out for differences in relation to any other creature on this planet, to simply comprehend that beyond the various forms or possibilities, the same thoughts or fears are to be found… same governing rules apply. This comprehension demands the eradication of the term ‘pets’. On this planet called ‘Earth’, there are only inhabitants. And if we are to accept that there is no way that a dog’s training will not include as a constituent element this very same comprehension, then the one who in reality gets trained nowadays is no other than… the human being.

Christos Coutsis
Dog Trainer

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