“… the Dog Trainer is not an authority that compels rules and methods to train your dog… but the one who will lead you to become the authority of your dog’s psychology and behavior…”


The Body

In order to be healthy needs...

...the appropriate natural diet.

Dogs’ body functioning, as well as ours (including, of course, the nervous system), is based on the diet and the nutrients absorbed. In many cases, unpleasant behaviors that are attributed to inefficient training or the dog’s character may stem from the deprivation of a specific nutrient.

The Emotion

In order to develop needs...

Behind behaviors, like aggression, there is always a hidden fear, which is the biggest enemy of intelligence. On the contrary, a dog that is growing up in a safe environment, acquires balanced emotion. So, it is very important that your dog’s training is based on developing a sense of trust towards its environment.


In order for thinking to transform into intelligence...

it should be trained to solve puzzles.

Dogs, in our days, do not have the opportunity to sharpen their perceptiveness. They do not prey, they are not free to mate, and they spend a great deal of time just waiting for us to get back home. So, give your dog food for thought.

Dog Behavior Assessment

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Dogs’ Behavior and Psychology

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