That is how it started

…a real story of fiction….

marciusThe sound of the rain on the roof tile was thunderous. In Zakythos a storm can never be short, it was already the third day and I was confined in my home. The clock was showing 2.30 at midnight and there was no way I could fall asleep with the rain sound over my head.

I got up from my bed and moved towards the fire place.

“ At least I should remain awake in a stylish way”

While I was placing the wood, a new sound interrupted me. It was the sound of a drop falling onto the floor….

“What a luck”….some roof tile probably had subsided.

A thought, created the image of a possible internal flooding… I smiled, “this could be a scene of an old Greek movie”.

I took a pot and placed it on the place the wooden ceiling was leaking. A feeling of embarrassment seized me while imagining anyone seeing me. This thought created an image of how people would react if they could actually see me…. I could even hear their laughter…

Suddenly, the feeling changed, the place of embarrassment was taken by a weird sensation of somebody watching me. The fear activated my reaction, I turned instantly back, but there was nobody… The feeling though, remained still inside me, I almost stopped breathing in an attempt to hear any weird sound.

-“ You are so wick”
……..this voice was beyond anything I had ever heard … My mind had already started analyzing the intensions of “whoever” was standing behind me. My body was numb, the words sounded so clear with a deep and calm tint that awed me!

-“Won’t you turn around?”

I made an attempt to turn, with all the courage I had, in slow motion trying to hide my turmoil and at the same time looking around for anything that could be used as a weapon. I could hardly imagine that no weapon could be used against whoever was standing behind me… and it was my dog.


He was watching me, standing still, with a look of arrogance and aversion

-“You are so week”

Its mouth was still, but its voice was in my head, “I lost it” I thought. It started moving towards me.. in a vain attempt to restore logic inside me, I yelled rigorously.


“Don’t full yourself; your fear has filled the entire house” he told me while approaching me. “Sit”

I obeyed, trying to convince myself that I was asleep and this was nothing more but a nightmare.

“You are not asleep” he had read my thought. “enough with my silence, now you will hear all I have to say to you and you will decide how to continue”.
I was wrapped in sadness as I a knew what he was going to say to me, he came a little bit closer, what I heard seemed like the sound of a bullet…

“You are dying”

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